Last week, controversial conservative personality Michelle Malkin brought a special guest with her to a GOP event in Waukesha County, the mother of the accused Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse. According to Malkin’s own tweet on the night of the event, the boy’s mother received a “standing ovation” from those in attendance.


“How a child of 17 years came into possession of a military grade assault rifle and what reasons he had for murdering two Wisconsinites is beyond me,” said Eric LaGesse, the Executive Director of the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee, “It’s unfortunate that there are portions of the GOP base who appear to be perfectly comfortable in not only condoning, but in outwardly supporting this act of domestic terrorism.”


“But the thing that I find most troubling,” he continued, “is that GOP state officials have been unwilling to stop fanning the flames of extremism. At a time when Southeastern Wisconsin needs leadership and civility now more than ever, it’s telling when elected representatives like State Senator Alberta Darling can’t find the courage or the desire to speak up.”


Senator Alberta Darling has represented the 8th Senate District since 1993. She is being challenged by Democrat Neal Plotkin, a retired small business owner from Glendale.


“Legislators and those seeking public office are supposed to advocate for their communities and be the voice of their constituents in Madison. I find it very unlikely that condoning domestic terror is what Senator Darling’s constituents expect of her. It’s my hope that Senator Darling was unaware of this event and will stand up against those that wish to further divide us.”
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