Candidates and outside groups combined to spend more than $10 million on this year’s state Supreme Court race, shattering the record of $8 million set just last year.

The latest campaign finance reports filed with the state show Justice-elect Jill Karofsky spent nearly $2.7 million on her bid, while outgoing conservative Justice Daniel Kelly spent more than $2.1 million.

Marquette University Law Prof. Ed Fallone, who finished third in the February primary, spent $193,141 on his bid, pushing the combined candidate spending past $5 million.

Meanwhile, outside groups dropped another $5 million on the race, according to a tally by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Of that, Kelly had a slight edge in support from independent groups.

But Karofsky had the overall edge in spending, in part, thanks to the nearly $1.4 million the state Dem Party gave to her campaign. The state GOP, meanwhile, contributed $320,987 to Kelly’s campaign.

Karofsky’s most recent filing shows she finished June with $50,247 in the bank. Three days after unofficial returns showed she had won, Karofsky repaid a $15,000 loan she gave her campaign as she launched her bid.

Kelly finished June with $25,420 in the bank.

Karofsky joins the court next month, trimming the conservative majority to 4-3.

See Karfofsky’s report:

See Kelly’s report:

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