KENOSHA, WISCONSIN–Today, Congressman Bryan Steil announced his new ad, “Back the Badge.”

“I am proud to support local law enforcement, like Jason, who work day in and day out to keep us safe. When Kenosha needed help, law enforcement from across Southeast Wisconsin and the state responded to protect our community and assist their fellow officers. We cannot allow extremists to continue pushing their “defund the police” narrative. I will continue working to ensure officers have the funding, training, and resources to do their jobs and keep everyone safe,” said Steil.

Watch the ad here.

Hi, my name is Jason.
I’ve served as a police officer in the Kenosha area for over 20 years.
For the men and women like me, who serve in law enforcement, this has been a challenging year in a lot of ways.
We’ve faced calls for defunding our departments, we’ve witnessed our fellow officers be physically attacked, shot at, and in the worst case, killed, while serving their fellow citizens.
Despite all of these challenges, we knew we could count on Congressman Bryan Steil because Bryan always stands up for local law enforcement.
Two years ago, I voted for Bryan Steil because I knew he backed the badge.
This year, when we needed him most, Bryan was there for us, delivering critical additional resources for Kenosha and showing up to thank the men and women who serve our community every day.
I know Bryan Steil is fighting to keep our community safe.
He has our back.
On Tuesday, November 3rd, please join me in voting for Bryan Steil.

I’m Bryan Steil, I approve this message, and I ask for your vote.
Paid for by Steil For Wisconsin, Inc. Approved by Bryan Steil.

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