JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN–Today, Congressman Bryan Steil announced his new ad, “Working for You,” which airs on Milwaukee broadcast.

“When families and workers needed help, I got to work. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our health and economy. Thousands of Wisconsin families, like Jodi’s, could pay pay their bills, buy groceries, and keep their health care because of the CARES Act. We must continue working to ensure families and workers can obtain good paying jobs, have access to affordable health care, and can go to bed at night feeling financially secure. I will continue fighting every day for Southeast Wisconsin in Congress,” said Steil. 

You can watch “Working for You” here.

I’m Bryan Steil, and I approve this message.
My name is Jodi Karow, born and raised in Wisconsin, as well as a very busy mom.
When coronavirus struck, I was worried about my family’s health and our jobs.
Because Bryan Steil got to work and helped pass the CARES Act, we were successful in securing funding through the Paycheck Protection Program.
Because of Bryan Steil, a lot of workers kept their jobs and families like mine kept their health care.
I’m Jodi, and I’m voting for Bryan Steil.

Learn more about Congressman Bryan Steil at bryansteil.com.

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