APPLETON – Last week the Trump Administration revealed plans to divert $3.8 billion from the Defense Department to fund their border wall project. This shift in funds would include $101 million appropriated by Congress for Oshkosh Defense. State Assembly Representative and Congressional candidate Amanda Stuck sees this maneuver as an egregious offense to Wisconsin working families.

“The border wall was already an unpopular project and that was before the Trump Administration decided to “reprogram” funds away from previously planned projects,” said Stuck. “These planned projects include building heavy wheeled defense vehicles at Oshkosh Defense which would provide jobs and stability to countless families in Northeast Wisconsin.”

The Trump Administration originally secured $5.7 billion in funding for the border wall with Congressional approval but has been consistently attempting to procure funds through other measures since then. These include attempting to grant the president national emergency powers to divert funding to the wall as well as previously allocated money from projects including $8 million from Truax Field in Madison.

“My opponent, Mike Gallagher, voted to approve funding for the border wall and has continued to stand by the project regardless of the cost it inflicts at home,” continued Stuck. “He is concerned with toeing the party line and not focused on the negative effects that is having on our workers here in Northeast Wisconsin.”

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