APPLETON – State Assembly Representative Amanda Stuck is proud to announce the Wisconsin/Green Bay Committee to Protect Pensions’ support of her Congressional campaign. Their support of Rep. Stuck comes on the heels of broken promises and a vote against the Butch Lewis Act from Rep. Mike Gallagher.

“That is why it is so important that we have someone like Amanda Stuck standing up for us. It’s time to elect someone who understands what we have gone through the past two terms with nothing but broken promises to help our cause from Congressman Gallagher,” said the committee in their endorsement letter. “With Amanda Stuck we feel Wisconsin workers and retirees, actives, spouses, and veterans in our state will have a champion and a partner in our fight to protect the pensions of all.”

The Butch Lewis Act would create the Pension Rehabilitation Administration and focus on preserving multiemployer pensions that millions of hardworking Americans depend on for their retirement security. In Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District alone there are 38 employers and 3,334 members of the Central States Pension.

“These hard working families in Northeast Wisconsin have been contributing to their pensions for their entire career and, through no fault of their own, have to worry about their retirement security,” said Stuck. “I think the least we can do to help our working families is to create a system that ensures they are able to enjoy every retirement benefit they have worked so hard to earn. This is why I have written a letter to my Assembly colleagues urging them to sign on and support the passage of the Butch Lewis Act with me.”

Press invited to attend official endorsement Thursday, July 30 at 11:15. Committee member Brad Vaughn will be presenting at his home located at 930 Ruffed Grouse St, Green Bay.


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