Washington, DC – Take Back Control plans to spend $6 million on an aggressive campaign designed to tie our economic woes to the Federal government’s botched response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group will aggressively communicate to voters throughout the United States that the federal government’s poor management of the Coronavirus has hurt the American economy and is prolonging the current recession. The group’s program will use paid digital ads and individualized texts and phone calls to communicate.

“You can’t fix the economy until you stop the virus,” explained Take Back Control spokesperson Bill Buck. “We now know that President Trump intentionally misled America about the threat COVID-19 posed and intentionally ‘talked it down,’ causing greater loss of life and economic damage.”

Buck explained, “Take Back Control will begin directly advocating for candidates who agree that you can’t fix the economy until you stop the virus. Our campaign will focus on telling the plain fact — the COVID Recession was worsened by a botched federal response to the pandemic.”

Take Back Control was launched in mid-April and, for the past five months, has provided essential information in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on best safety practices regarding COVID.

The direct advocacy will occur in the three states where we have been active since April. We will be active in additional states, including, but not limited to, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Montana and North Carolina.

Take Back Control is a 501(c)(4) project that has focused, since April 2020, on four nonpartisan goals: One, counter disinformation that interferes with the health of Americans; two, provide information on reliable community COVID resources; three, provide accurate information on voting during the pandemic; and four, advocate for economic recovery and assistance for America’s working families. The new express-advocacy program is a secondary part of Take Back Control’s overall program, and is a new response to the unprecedented chaos that has undermined America’s response to the pandemic and, as a result, worsened the recession.


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