[MADISON, Wis.] – Today, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin (LWVWI) is joining the country in celebrating National Voter Registration Day in advance of Election Day on November 3, 2020.


“The first step to participating in our democracy is registering to vote, and we want this process to be both exciting and accessible for eligible voters,” said Eileen Newcomer, LWVWI voter education manager. “We are proud to be a part of this celebration of voting and hope to continue this energy through November.”


With a historic presidential election approaching, every eligible Wisconsin voter should be able to exercise their voice at the ballot box, and communities across the country are planning to use National Voter Registration Day to increase voter engagement. Partner organizations will coordinate hundreds of events on and offline nationwide, and leverage #NationalVoterRegistrationDay in all social media platforms to drive attention to voter registration.


The League encourages all voters to ensure they are registered at their current address by checking their registration status at www.myvote.wi.gov. This is especially important for first time voters, voters who have recently moved, voters who have not voted in a while and/or voters who have not voted since their voting rights have been restored after completing a felony sentence.


LWVWI is not letting the pandemic stop us from providing registration assistance this fall. Many Leagues across Wisconsin have socially distant registration drives planned for National Voter Registration Day or are taking part in virtual voter registration events. Find an event near you and learn more about opportunities to join us and volunteer here.

Wisconsin voters can register and vote on Election Day because Wisconsin has Election Day registration; however, the League recommends voters register in advance. Wisconsin residents can register to vote online at myvote.wi.gov, or by mail, until October 14, 2020.

The League invites Wisconsinites to join us in celebrating National Voter Registration Day by checking their registration status, attending a registration event and asking their friends and family if they are registered and ready to vote. We also encourage people to reach out to the League of Women Voters to find out how they can help with voter registration and join the voter service teams in their community.

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