MILWAUKEE – Theo Lipscomb, current Chairman of the Milwaukee County Board of
Supervisors and candidate for Milwaukee County Executive, today issued the following
statement regarding the Wisconsin State Court of Appeals decision to uphold the Milwaukee
County Circuit Court ruling:

“My challenge to the nomination papers of two candidates was upheld today by the Wisconsin State Court of Appeals. Voters will now have a choice among four diverse candidates for County Executive on their ballot – each met the clear criteria spelled out under state law to qualify.

“Our campaign collected thousands of signatures the traditional way – through the efforts of family, friends and neighbors. We all want the next County Executive to play by the rules, and it starts with a campaign that earns the trust and support of voters across Milwaukee County.

“We followed the rules and with our challenge ensured that election laws were applied equally and fairly to all candidates. We also showed, once again, that grassroots support and the power of people is more powerful and enduring than what Big Money and high priced political operatives can do for their candidate.”

With this decision, Milwaukee County is expected to begin printing ballots immediately, in order to supply them to each municipality, so that absentee voting can begin. The Primary Election is Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

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