Minocqua, Wis. — U.S. Congressional Candidate Tom Tiffany launched a new radio ad Friday morning. The ad, which will air district-wide, is narrated by Congressman Sean Duffy, who talks about how President Trump needs a proven conservative ally to stop the creep of socialism.

A transcript of the ad is below:

“Hi, this is Sean Duffy. It’s a critical time for America. The number of radicals in Congress keeps growing, and they’re after our President and our way of life.

“To stop them, we need proven, consistent conservatives in Washington, and that’s why I’m supporting my friend Tom Tiffany for our seat in Congress.

“Tom is a family man, the former owner of Wilderness Cruises, and a citizen-legislator, who is pro-life, pro-gun, pro-liberty, and pro-Trump, with a record to prove it. 

“That’s why Wisconsin families, farmers, and manufacturers can be confident Tom Tiffany will stand for freedom and liberty and will work with the President to stop the creep of socialism. 

“Once again, this is Sean Duffy, asking you to join me at the polls on Tuesday, February 18th, in support of the one consistent, proven conservative we can trust to defend our values and our President — my friend Tom Tiffany.” 

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