Wausau, Wis. — U.S. Congressional Candidate Tom Tiffany unveiled his first television ad Friday morning. The ad, titled “Manure,” focuses on Tom’s upbringing on a small dairy farm and how that will help him work with President Trump to drain the swamp.

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The ad will first air Sunday during the Packers game and run districtwide. A transcript of the video is below:

“I’m Tom Tiffany, and I grew up on a dairy farm like this.

“Turns out, getting up at five and shoveling manure is great training for helping President Trump clean out the three-ring circus in Washington.

“I’m a family man, a businessman, and an unapologetic conservative with experience draining the swamp in Madison, a consistent pro-life, pro-gun, pro-jobs record…

“And I know how to use a shovel.”

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