[Minocqua, WI]  – In the final matchup between Congressman Tom Tiffany and his liberal opponent for Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District, Tiffany delivered a clear and decisive win. During the debate hosted by WAOW Channel 9, Congressman Tiffany displayed an unmatched knowledge and appreciation for the challenges facing Wisconsin families. Unlike his opponent,  Tiffany was able to articulate a clear agenda to restore our Wisconsin way of life, rebuild the world’s greatest economy, and renew the American dream for future generations.

Congressman Tiffany’s top priorities highlighted during the debate include:
– Providing Wisconsin families the bridge necessary to get through these tough times and back to prosperity.
– Protecting the most vulnerable in our society, including those with pre-existing conditions.
– Rebuilding the Wisconsin economy.
– Making healthcare more affordable and easier to access through more choice, competition, and transparency.
– Maintaining law and order in our communities.
– Providing more funding to police departments for better training and more body cameras.
– Working for better trade deals and less regulation for our Wisconsin farmers.
– Defending our 2nd Amendment rights and the rights of the unborn.

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