Tiffany’s Record of Leadership Unmatched in Race

[Minocqua, WI] – Congressman Tom Tiffany delivered a strong message and clear win earlier tonight in the first debate for the 7th Congressional District. Throughout the one hour debate hosted by WJFW-Channel 12, Tiffany repeatedly demonstrated his knowledge of the district and a deep appreciation for the immediate challenges facing Wisconsin families.

Here are some of the highlights:

Congressman Tiffany detailed an agenda that resonates with Northern and Western Wisconsin – defeating COVID-19, rebuilding our economy, protecting our communities, and helping Wisconsin families get through these tough times and back to prosperity.

Congressman Tiffany emphasized the need to protect those with pre-existing conditions while also making healthcare more affordable and easier to access through more choice, competition, and transparency.

Congressman Tiffany acknowledged the absolute need to maintain law and order, and keep our communities safe – including the need to increase funding for better police training and equipment such as body cameras.

Congressman Tiffany displayed a deep knowledge of the challenges facing the 7th district and showed he is the only candidate in touch with the needs of our communities.

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