Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. released the following statement on the United States Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Election Day ballot receipt deadline in Wisconsin and reject Democrats’ efforts to allow ballots to come in nearly a week after Election Day.

“The Supreme Court’s ruling is a major victory for President Trump, Republicans, all Wisconsin voters, and the rule of law. President Trump has long fought for a free, fair election in Wisconsin and across America, consistently fighting back against the Democrats’ last-minute attempted rule changes—and winning. In Wisconsin, ballots must be in by November 3—a.k.a. Election Day—and that is a major win for voters and for the integrity of Wisconsin’s election.

“Liberal activists have been suing in court and taking illegal, unilateral executive actions to rig this election for months. Across the nation, they’ve tried to expand unsolicited vote by mail, the President fought it and won. They sued to expand ballot harvesting, the President fought it and won. They sued to effectively delay Election Day so they can harvest ballots after President Trump wins on Election Night to steal the election for Joe Biden. In Wisconsin, Republicans fought it, and we won. President Trump is winning the fight to protect American voters and deliver the free, fair election they deserve.”

– Justin Clark, Trump 2020 deputy campaign manager and senior counsel

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