WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) and his colleagues on the China Task Force today released their final report with more than 400 recommendations to counter threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Task Force, which launched in May of this year, was comprised of 15 members representing 11 different Committees, and spent the past few months examining topics including ideological competition, national security, supply chains, technology, economics, and competitiveness. Click HERE to read the final report.
“We’re at the beginning of a New Cold War that will define American politics for a generation. If we don’t act with a sense of urgency, we will lose,” said Rep. Gallagher. “This report lays the foundation for a whole of society approach to counter the threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party and provides a blueprint for bipartisan action. Our work has just begun, and it’s time to turn these recommendations – many of which have already passed the House or Senate – into law.”
The China Task Force included a number of common-sense solutions to better secure our medical and national security supply chains, cement American leadership in the technologies of tomorrow, and restore fairness in our economic relationship with China.
The report also endorsed a number of initiatives Rep. Gallagher worked on in the House, including:
  • The NETWORKS Act, a bill introduced by Rep. Gallagher and Sen. Tom Cotton that would freeze foreign 5G companies engaging in economic or industrial espionage, like Huawei, from the U.S. banking system.
  • A whole host of recommendations made by the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, including Continuity of Economy Planning, Cyber State of Distress, and ICT Industrial Strategy.
  • Rep. Gallagher’s bipartisan initiative to impose sanctions on individuals and entities that are helping the Chinese Communist Party militarize the South and East China Seas.
  • Legislation to prohibit the federal government from purchasing DJI drones.
  • Support for the US to work towards a bilateral free trade agreement with Taiwan and passage of the Taiwan Defense Act, a bill Rep. Gallagher introduced with Sen. Josh Hawley that would ensure the U.S. military has the capabilities it needs to block the Chinese Communist Party from taking over Taiwan.
  • Legislation that would urge Hollywood to disclose when their movies have been self- or otherwise censored to appease CCP authorities.
While House Democrats withdrew from participating in the process, the final report kept the spirit of bipartisanship, with more than two thirds of its legislative recommendations being bipartisan.
For more information on the Task Force’s final report, watch their press conference unveiling the effort HERE.
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