WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) today released the following statement after the House voted on H.R. 6201.
“This bill, while well-intentioned, contains a number of unclear provisions that could force small businesses in Northeast Wisconsin to lay off workers or cause them to close their doors altogether. To concede, as both sides did, that the bill had serious flaws that would need to be fixed by to-be-determined Executive Branch regulations is legislative malpractice, and that’s not to mention the fact we received this bill at 12:03am and voted nearly 15 minutes later.
“Let me be clear: H.R. 6201 contained a number of good provisions like free testing that we’ve already successfully fought for. But I have serious questions as to whether the best way to support those needing paid and sick leave is through tax credits to small businesses instead of direct payments to those affected. In times like these, we have to do better than rushed closed-door deals that could create more problems than solutions. We had more time to get this right, and the fact Speaker Pelosi is now allowing the House take a week-long vacation is unconscionable. We all agree those living paycheck to paycheck should’t have to decide between going to work or endangering their coworkers, but we need a solution that doesn’t cause severe and unintended economic damage. I hope the Senate fixes these problems return on Monday and that we return immediately to debate a responsible, bicameral, bipartisan response that doesn’t”
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