(Fond du Lac, WI) – Today, Congressman Glenn Grothman introduces the Veterans for Glenn coalition. The 6th Congressional District is the proud home of approximately 44,000 veterans.  Many of these brave men and women are thankful of the work Glenn has done for them in Congress and are proud to stand with him.

“I am honored to have received the support from so many heroes within our communities,” Grothman said. “Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we support our veterans. As your representative in Congress, I have the duty to make sure that the 44,000 veterans who live in the 6th District receive the support and access to care that they have earned. I have and will continue to support legislation that protects the well-being of all veterans within our communities,” Grothman added.

“While many in Washington talk about their support for veterans, Glenn has proven it.  From ensuring that veterans can get the best medical care possible, to little things like attending and supporting American Legion fundraisers, Glenn is always there for veterans.

Dave Seif, Army Veteran, Fond du Lac County

This is the third coalition Congressman Grothman has announced. The announcement of this coalition follows Congressman Grothman’s announcement of the release of his first two coalitions, Women for Glenn and Pro-Life Voters for Glenn. More information on the coalition can be found here.

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