(Fond du Lac, WI) – Today, Congressman Glenn Grothman released his third radio ad, “The Right Thing.”


The ad focuses on Grothman’s record of being an independent representative in Congress including his work to restore funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and his willingness to stand up to Republican leaders who sought to eliminate the medical tax deduction. Grothman also highlights the fact that he does not accept donations from drug companies, Goldman Sachs, payday lenders, cigarette companies, or anyone trying to take advantage of the elderly and the less fortunate.


“Voters deserve to know that the only special interest I care about is them. I will continue to stand up for the less fortunate – no matter what party tries to stop me,” said Grothman.


You can listen to “The Right Thing” here.


Transcript of “The Right Thing” is below:



Paid for by a random collection of letters, numbers, and… (radio clicks off)


Why don’t we ever see those awful dark money ads for Glenn Grothman?


Because Glenn is an independent, and not the favorite of the lobbyists and opposes corporate welfare.


Well, that’s why I like Grothman,


He’s not like the rest, he’s taking the pandemic seriously,


Yea! And stood up to Republican leadership when they tried to take away the medical deduction,


And drug companies really don’t like Glenn because he won’t take their money and is always pushing to lower prescription prices, including insulin.


I remember Grothman helped save the Great Lakes Cleanup funding, I don’t suppose there’s big money behind that?


Haha, no! I guess when you do the right thing, you have to pay for your own ads… Haha


That’s right,

I’m Glenn Grothman,

I don’t play the Washington political games or take a dime from drug companies, payday lenders, Goldman Sachs, cigarette companies, or anyone trying to swindle the elderly and the less fortunate.

Because the only special interest I care about is you and your health.

I’m Glenn Grothman and I approve this message.


Paid for by Glenn Grothman for Congress

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