La Crosse, WI – Today, Ron Kind is endorsing a slate of candidates for the Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate to secure Democratic victories up and down the ballot in November. The candidates endorsed are Kriss Marion (AD-51), Josefine Jaynes (AD-96), Amanda White-Eagle (AD-92), Sarah Yacoub (AD-30), Shaun Murphy-Lopez (AD- 49), Emily Berge (AD-68), Chris Kapsner (AD-67), Criste Greening (AD-72), Mark Waldon (AD-50), John Baldus (AD-70), John Ellenson (AD-75), Nate Zimdars (AD-41), John Rocco Calabrese (AD-29), Christie Greening (AD-72), Charlie Warner (AD-93), and Joni Anderson (SD-14). Kind released the following statement announcing his endorsements:

“As we are facing unprecedented times it is important that we have leaders serving in the Wisconsin State Legislature who have Wisconsinites’ best interests in mind. It’s time to end the bitter partisanship and gridlock that has plagued our state’s capital and elect strong leaders who can help us rebuild a stronger Wisconsin moving forward. I know that these individuals are up to the challenge and will truly be great additions to our legislature.”

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