Washington, DC —Last night, Rep. Ron Kind voted to support the year-end package that included a number of priorities he has worked on for Wisconsin families.

“I’m glad to see Congress come together in a bipartisan manner to get this year-end package done,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “This legislation included a number of wins for Wisconsin that I pushed for such as increased funding for Upper Mississippi River conservation, expanded access to health care providers and telehealth services, support for our postal system, funding to expand access to high-speed internet, and support for our family farmers. Moving forward, I will continue to work for the economic security and wellbeing of all Wisconsinites and ensure our voice is heard in the halls of Congress.”

Critical provisions in the package that Rep. Kind worked for include:

  • Rep. Kind’s Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act, which will give Wisconsin’s craft brewers more certainty in these uncertain times
  • $15 billion in grants for live music venues such as the Pablo Center in Eau Claire
  • Rep. Kind’s legislation to expand access to the Paycheck Protection Program for family farmers
  • Funding for the Mississippi River through the Water Resources Development Act of 2020
  • Rep. Kind’s legislation to expand medical residencies in Wisconsin, which will bring more doctors to community and rural hospitals
  • $10 billion in direct funding for the USPS without requiring repayment
  • Rep. Kind’s legislation to improve coverage under Medicare for immunosuppressive drugs for kidney transplant patients
  • $400 million for a dairy donation program for food banks and other nonprofits
  • Rep. Kind’s legislation to expand hospice services under Medicare at Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) and Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHCs)
  • Expanded access to mental health services through telehealth for Medicare beneficiaries
  • Over $120 million for opioid prescribing reforms at the VA
  • $7 million for states to combat Chronic Wasting Disease
  • $7 billion to increase expand broadband access for students, families and workers

The above was passed alongside relief for Wisconsin’s workers, families, small businesses, farmers, and health care providers. More can be found here.

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