La Crosse, WI—Today, Rep. Ron Kind announced his support for bipartisan legislation that would designate July 10 as Journeyman Lineworker Recognition Day in honor of the essential electrical workers who keep our communities running. Journeyman lineworkers are too often a forgotten part of our infrastructure, and risk perilous heights and energized electrical lines to ensure reliable access to electricity. These brave essential workers show up every day to keep our communities safe, including during major national and regional disasters.

“I want to thank and recognize journeyman lineworkers for their valuable work, especially during these difficult times,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “These workers put themselves in harm’s way to make sure our communities have safe and reliable power. It’s important that we designate a day to honor those heroic first responders who have given their lives in the line of duty and reflect on the vital services provided by journeyman lineworkers in Wisconsin and across the country.”

This legislation designates July 10, 2020 as Journeyman Lineworker Recognition Day in honor of Henry Miller, the first elected president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. After becoming aware of the dangerous working conditions and subpar wages faced by these essential workers, he traveled the country to organize and advocate for his fellow lineworkers. Mr. Miller died of injuries sustained while troubleshooting an electrical outage on July 10, 1896 at 38 years old.

The full text of the resolution is available here.

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