Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Ron Kind voted to override President Donald Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This bipartisan legislation bolsters our national security, sets critical national defense priorities for the upcoming year, reaffirms our steadfast commitment to NATO, includes a 3% pay raise for servicemembers, provides benefits to certain veterans exposed to Agent Orange, and invests in countering cyber security threats, such as the recent hacks perpetrated by Russia. 

“Our troops serve with dedication and honor, and they deserve the best our nation can offer. To that end, it’s unacceptable that the President put our national security and servicemembers at risk by choosing to veto the bipartisan NDAA,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “Today, I was proud to vote to override this veto and ensure that our brave men and women in uniform receive a well-deserved 3% pay raise and have the resources they need to safely and effectively defend our country.” 

Rep. Kind voted for the annual NDAA, which passed with broad bipartisan support on December 8, 2020. This legislation determines critical defense and national security priorities. This year’s bill also directs the VA to provide benefits to veterans exposed to Agent Orange who were later diagnosed with bladder cancer, parkinsonism, or hyperthyroidism, which Rep. Kind called for earlier this Congress. Additionally, the bill calls for the VA and the Defense Department to develop standards of coordinated care for survivors of military sexual trauma (MST).

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