Today, Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-04) released the following statement endorsing Joe Biden for President of the United States:


“I have been blessed to know Joe Biden and I can tell you that he truly is the man that you keep hearing about: caring, decent, and thoughtful. He is a man who is genuinely engaged in the fight to improve the lives of every American.


He has seen tough times and he has been knocked down, but he got up, and then he started helping other people in need.


Even before the deadly Coronavirus pandemic laid bare the chaos and incompetence of the Trump Administration, the past three years have proven that decency matters in the Oval Office and the high cost of having an indecent, transactional, and corrupt President.


Whether it is cruel immigration policies that separate families and traumatize children, cuts to SNAP and welfare that hurt women and children, trade wars that devastate Wisconsin manufacturers and farmers, or destructive healthcare policy that needlessly puts the lives of millions in jeopardy, the Trump agenda has failed America.


In this amazing, wealthy country, we can expand access to healthcare while bending the cost curve, we can value labor and protect workers from exploitation, we can build an economy that creates good paying jobs in small towns and long neglected inner-city neighborhoods alike, we can educate our children and make sure they don’t go to bed hungry, we can house our veterans, we can built strong, inclusive communities, and we can restore our standing in the world.


I trust Joe Biden. I hope you will too.”

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