Congresswoman Moore released the following statement following the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court:

“The nomination and confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court has been a shameful example of Senate Republicans power above principle approach of governance that puts the American people last. The fact that Amy Coney Barrett participated in this rushed power grab as she withheld material documents from the Senate speaks to her lack of candor and fitness for the high court.

In 2016 with over 260 days before the election, Mitch McConnell set a standard for Supreme Court nominations in an election year to “let the American people decide.” This was the principle they articulated to not only block the nomination of Merrick Garland but to refuse to even meet with him in an election year. It was a sentiment articulated by Amy Coney Barrett herself. Well, the people are voting. In fact, nearly 60 million people have already cast a ballot with millions more set to vote over the next 8 days until Nov 3rd. Yet, now with less than 8 days until the next election, Senator McConnell, Senate Republicans, and Amy Coney Barrett have shamelessly abandoned the principle they articulated in 2016. This confirmation process has forever altered the Senate and irreparably harmed the credibility, independence, and legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

“The record of Judge Barrett demonstrates she holds judicial opinions far outside the mainstream and will be nothing but a rubber stamp for the corporate interests who bankrolled her confirmation. She will advance an agenda from the bench that will hurt Americans by dismantling the Affordable Care Act; jeopardizing workplace protections for working men and women; rolling back protections for vulnerable communities, especially the LGBTQ community; and, undermining reproductive rights and other hard-fought crucial civil protections.

The American people deserve so much better from their leaders in the Senate.”

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