In response to the tragic shooting that claimed at least six lives at the Molson Coors campus in Milwaukee, Congresswoman Moore released the following statement:

“My heart was torn apart when I learned the news of this tragedy. Our city grieves with all the innocent lives lost today. This is just the latest example of the painful toll that gun violence is having on communities across the nation.

The history and legacy of Molson Coors is a great pride of Milwaukee, and it’s an integral part of our vibrant community. It hurts to know that one of our economic and cultural staples was the location of such a violent tragedy.

While the details are still emerging, we know that our country needs to do more to prevent senseless gun violence. It’s a cruel irony that tomorrow will mark the anniversary of the House passing legislation to expand background checks on guns, which is languishing in the Senate.

The fight for stronger gun laws and greater investments in violence prevention measures such as de-escalation and conflict mitigation must continue and I am fortified to stay in this for Milwaukee.

While I’ll keep fighting in Washington D.C., I know that our city’s strong and resilient spirit will help us heal through this pain. I will always stand with the community and use my voice and power as a lawmaker to push for commonsense legislation that will make our communities safer.”

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