“This COVID relief legislation is not perfect and falls short of the comprehensive package that I know is needed to address the financial insecurity millions are experiencing right now. I fought for direct cash payments, and while I am disappointed that it does not match the amount that House Democrats passed, I know these payments are only the beginning. But it is an interim solution that includes additional SNAP benefits, rental assistance, and a temporary eviction moratorium that will secure help now to millions of Americans and I support the good faith bipartisan efforts that got us to this point.”

“We still need to continue to address the health and economic impacts of this pandemic which has killed more than 300,000 Americans in less than a year. I am prepared to keep working with my colleagues in the House and the new Administration to pass additional legislation that will put money in the hands of the American people and deliver other aid to individuals, businesses, and our communities that have been hit hard. This will continue to be my priority until this pandemic is over.”

Read more on the legislation here.

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