Today, the House voted on a War Powers Resolution (H. Con. Res. 83), to reassert Congress’s authority to declare war to prevent a catastrophic and needless war with Iran.

On the House floor, Congresswoman Moore made the following statement in support of the War Powers Resolution:

“Madam Speaker late last week, President Trump ordered the assassination of a high ranking Iranian official while he was in Iraq. This action threatens to cascade the United States into an ill-advised, non-authorized war with Iran and is already setting into motion a series of disastrous unintended consequences for American security and interests in the Middle East. The President trashed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which Iran was following and that put in place the first real restraints on Iran’s nuclear program. The world and America were safer under the JCPOA framework period, enter Trump and now we see Iranian rockets firing, U.S. forces being pushed out of Iraq and alliances strained as we all await further retaliations.

Oh, history is replete with the misery befalling those poor empires who first fight and mistake that for might. This escalation with Iran must end. Congress must reassert its war powers authority, and I urge adoption of the resolution and I yield back.”

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