WASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. Representative Mark Pocan (WI-02) today announced inclusion of $50 million in the House Appropriations Committee’s Defense spending bill to be used to fund a new program that will provide noise mitigation grants for communities impacted by military aviation noise. In Madison, these grants will be able to be utilized to mitigate noise for communities affected by the new F-35 jets at Truax Field Air National Guard Base.

“In April, I worked with the Appropriations Committee to ensure the Air Force provides funds to communities impacted by the noise of military jets after Madison was chosen as one of the bases for new F-35 jets. Today, I am proud to announce the inclusion of that funding in the House Appropriations defense spending bill which just passed in committee,” said Congressman Mark Pocan. “More than 1,000 homes near Truax will be exposed to higher noise levels because of the new F-35s. I’ve always believed that if you break it, you buy it – that’s why the Pentagon must be held responsible for fixing any problems caused by increased noise levels. While Congress did not control the decision to place F-35s in Madison, I refuse to let the people of Wisconsin face the collateral consequences alone.”

The $50 million appropriated for the new Noise Mitigation Community Partnerships also provides communities with environment impact studies (EIS) to measure the level of jet noise and its impacts on the surrounding area. If an EIS is already complete—as is the case in Madison—communities will be eligible for assistance immediately and can have that assistance increased pursuant to additional noise measurements performed as a result of this new program.


The bill heads to the House floor next for a full vote by the end of this month where it will then need Senate approval before heading to the President’s desk for his signature.

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