Washington, D.C. – Congressman Mark Pocan (WI-02) released the following statement ahead of the vote on the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.

“In Wisconsin, we’ve seen the firsthand effects of the attacks on labor, as former Governor Scott Walker gutted labor protections and turned my home state into a ‘right-to-work’ state. The PRO Act would eliminate those state right-to-work-for-less laws and ensure that unions can receive the full support of the workers it represents.

“For far too long, workers have been stripped of their voices, losing their power to organize for better wages and benefits. With the PRO Act, we fight back against corporations and anti-union special interests that have attacked and eroded the labor movement for decades. Building a fair economy for anyone requires strong labor rights for everyone.

“The PRO Act ensures every worker’s right to unionize is protected by creating enforceable penalties for companies that break the law, expanding collective bargaining rights, and securing access to fair union elections that corporations must respect.

“With stronger unions, workers can secure higher wages, better benefits, and safer working conditions. It’s time to give workers the tools they need to survive in an economy rigged against them. Every worker deserves to have a union. Every worker deserves the PRO Act.”

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