“Vice President Pence, I know you’re coming to our district today. I wasn’t invited, but no worries. I just have one question for you. How can Wisconsin be expected to reopen if the federal response to providing states with supplies has been so pathetic?

“Attached are letters Governor Evers sent on March 26 and 28 requesting testing supplies for Wisconsin, as well as FEMA’s response to those requests. Earlier today, the administration outlined all of the supplies Wisconsin has received—but their numbers were intentionally misleading. They included all national stockpile supplies and supplies purchased from private vendors—note all stockpile numbers were dated prior to the Governor’s letters. The reality is, the only testing supplies Wisconsin has received since March 26 are outlined in the CDC response email.

“Of the supplies requested by Gov. Evers in his March 26 and 28th letters, the federal government has only provided about 2,800/60,000 plastic tips, 3,500/10,000 of testing swabs, and insufficient reagent kits and other testing materials. Come Thursday, it will be four weeks of inaction by this administration.

“The federal government is failing Wisconsinites and we deserve answers—when will you get us our supplies?”

See Gov. Evers’ March 26 and 28 request letters here, FEMA’s responses here, and the CDC’s responses which includes all testingmaterials received from the federal government.

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