JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN—Congressman Bryan Steil called on the Director of the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) to address the backlog of services requested by veterans. The NPRC provides veterans with documentation on service history, medical history, and other information that can be required to obtain VA benefits. Steil has assisted numerous veterans in Southeast Wisconsin with this issue throughout the coronavirus pandemic, however, NPRC has yet to provide Steil or Congress with a timeline or plan on how it intends to address the growing backlog.

“I am fighting for our veterans. Veterans in Southeast Wisconsin have waited months for VA benefits because of the NPRC’s backlog. This is unacceptable. I am demanding the NPRC to immediately address its backlog so veterans can obtain benefits. The NPRC is a vital agency that our veterans rely on. I heard from a veteran whose VA medical claim is in jeopardy because he cannot obtain his medical records from the NPRC. Every day that there is a backlog is another day a veteran cannot obtain benefits. I will provide updates to our veterans as I receive any new information,” said Steil.

You can read the letter to the Director of the National Personnel Records Center here.

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