JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN—Bryan Steil joined Vice President Pence in Janesville, Steil’s hometown, for an event focused on supporting Wisconsin’s workers, families, and law enforcement.

Click on photo above to watch Steil’s opening remarks from today’s event in Janesville

“It’s great to welcome Vice President Mike Pence to my hometown of Janesville. Vice President Pence highlighted an agenda that puts Wisconsin families and workers first. I spoke with the Vice President on the need to get Wisconsin back to work, rebuild our economy, and keep our communities safe. I will continue fighting for families and workers in Janesville, and across Southeast Wisconsin, as we begin on the road to recovery,” said Steil.

Steil’s remarks from today’s event below:
Good morning, Janesville! And Vice President Mike Pence, welcome back to
Wisconsin! I am excited to welcome you to my hometown.

In many ways, 2020 has been a difficult year. And this weekend we again saw how difficult the job of law enforcement can be. As the nation kept the men and women serving in Kenosha in their prayers, we now need to keep two Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies in our prayers as they recover from an evil, horrific, and targeted attack on law enforcement over the weekend.

The men and women of law enforcement wake up every day, put the badge over their heart, not knowing what the next call may bring. Regardless of the call, they answer it.

I was on the ground in Kenosha as law enforcement worked to restore public safety. People I spoke with were petrified. They were scared for their families safety. They were scared for themselves. They were scared for their city. It was heartbreaking to walk the streets of Kenosha, to see our community in pain.

On Tuesday morning of that week, I called President Trump to get Kenosha needed help. He answered my call and President Trump delivered federal assistance to Kenosha and said enough is enough. Federal law enforcement agents worked hand-in-hand with local law enforcement to keep Kenosha safe. We are now on a road to recovery. To healing, uniting, and rebuilding after a very difficult few weeks.

Many of the law enforcement here today are from the Janesville Police Department and Rock County Sheriff’s Department. Not only do you serve our community here, but when neighboring communities need assistance, you are there. Members from the Rock County Sheriff’s Department assisted local law enforcement in Kenosha during the recent violence and unrest. When I met with local law enforcement, I heard their stories. I spoke with a Rock County Sheriff’s Deputy who showed me a brick thrown at him while he was in Kenosha.

I asked President Trump to come to Kenosha to personally thank the men and women of law enforcement for the work they did. As I stood next to President Trump in Kenosha, the look in their eyes as the president thanked them was a sight to see. President Trump, Vice President Pence and I back the badge. Please join me in giving a round of applause for our local law enforcement from Janesville to Kenosha and across our state for all they do for us.

Today, I am proud to have the Vice President in Wisconsin once again. We are 50 days away from Election Day. And on November 3rd, we will have a choice. A choice that will take our country down one of two paths. A choice as to who is best to rebuild our economy. A choice as to who will keep our communities safe. To me, the choice is clear. President Trump and Vice President Pence are fighting for Wisconsin workers and families. Fighting to get workers back to work. Fighting to protect our health. Fighting to keep America safe. It’s a country worth fighting for, because we all know our best days are ahead.

Vice President Pence may be a Hoosier, but his frequent visits to Wisconsin has me thinking he’s got some Badger pride! Not only does the Vice President visit Wisconsin, he listens to us. He understands the importance of ensuring every Wisconsin worker who wants a job can find one. He knows that trade deals, like USMCA, support Wisconsin dairy farmers and workers. And Vice President Pence stands with the men and women of law enforcement! I am proud to welcome Vice President Pence to my hometown. Please join me in giving a warm Wisconsin welcome to our Vice President, Mike Pence.

For more information on Congressman Bryan Steil, please visit bryansteil.com.

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