JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN—Bryan Steil released a Memorial Day video message in honor of our fallen heroes. You can view and download the video message by clicking here.


Steil’s remarks:

Across Wisconsin and across the country, our Memorial Day traditions have been altered this year due to the ongoing pandemic.


Parades such as ones in Twin Lakes and Janesville have been cancelled. Ceremonies such as the one in Union Grove are not happening this year in person.


I’m Bryan Steil, I’m Congressman from Wisconsin’s First Congressional District representing Southeast Wisconsin from Janesville to Racine and Kenosha, to the southern suburbs of Milwaukee and everywhere in between.


It will not be the same without walking down the streets in Burlington and attending the ceremony where there is not a dry eye when TAPS is played.


It will not be same without seeing folks in Sturtevant lined up on the streets waving American flags in honor our brave men and women who served our country.


However, it is the same as we take this day to remember and honor those Americans who put on a uniform to defend our country, no matter the cost.


Since the birth of our nation, Americans have persevered through tough times. And Americans have answered the call, in particular, our veterans.

Memorial Day is a day for remembering the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives to preserve our freedoms that we enjoy.

From the first Battles of Lexington and Concord where America’s fight for liberty began to our recent day conflicts in the Iraq and Afghanistan, Americans have stood up for liberty at home and abroad. 

They signed up to defend America and our ideals. They bravely fought for us, knowing that they may not return home. 

Memorial Day is for remembering the sacrifice, bravery, and patriotism of Americans who lost their lives defending our great nation.

This Memorial Day is just after the 75th anniversary of V E Day. The allied victory over Nazi Germany.

In 1941, there was a major challenge facing America, but ultimately, by working together, and in large part thanks to our veterans, we were able to overcome. 

Our service members set forth because of their love for America, their love for their family, their love for their fellow countrymen, and their love of the ideals that Americans stand for.

They fought for liberty and freedom not only for our own country, but for those around the world.

Sadly, many of these service members did not return home.   

We have Memorial Day to remember and honor our men and women in uniform who never returned home. 

From the battlefields of Europe, to the jungles of Asia, and to the sands in the Middle East.

Freedom is not free. It comes at a tremendous cost.

Men and women, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters have sacrificed their lives to ensure that America remains free. 

This Memorial Day, we remember. We remember the brave souls who died defending our liberty. We remember those who never made it home.

And while our traditions may have changed this Memorial Day, our commitment to remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice has not changed. 

Today, 75 years after the end of World War II, we are battling an invisible virus.   

Our better days are ahead.

We are continuing to make process in this fight and charge through uncharted waters. 

We will be stronger on the other side.

I’m confident of that.

We will leverage our shared commitment, American ingenuity, and strength of community.

I wish you a blessed Memorial Day. 

Thank you.

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