JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN–Today, Congressman Bryan Steil announced his new ad, “PPE,” which airs on Milwaukee broadcast.

“When our frontline workers needed personal protective equipment, I got to work with the White House, Jockey, and Charter NEX. My previous background in manufacturing and current role in Congress helped Southeast Wisconsin deliver for our nation’s workers and quickly become a leader in PPE production. Not only did this help keep people safe, it helped save jobs. Health care professionals, like Bridget, are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. I will continue supporting these heroes and ensure our state and nation defeat this virus and we safely get our economy back on track,” said Steil. 

Watch “PPE” here.

I’m Bridget, a nurse here from Janesville.
When the coronavirus broke out, health care professionals, like me, were concerned about having the masks and gowns to take care of people, like you.
Thankfully, our Congressman Bryan Steil got to work.
He brought together Jockey in Kenosha and Charter NEX in Milton to ensure we have the equipment and supplies we use every day.
Bryan Steil didn’t wait for Washington to act, he found solutions to take care of all of us.

I’m Bryan Steil and I approve this message.

Learn more about Congressman Bryan Steil at bryansteil.com.

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