WASHINGTON, D.C.—As schools begin making decisions about when and how to reopen, Bryan Steil is working with Republicans and Democrats to ensure students, teachers, and staff are safe while in the classroom. Steil cosponsored H.R. 7029, the Protect our Children from COVID-19 Act, to require the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to conduct a study, by August, on the transmissibility of COVID-19 in children.

“I want every student, teacher, and parent to be ready for the upcoming school year. This requires studying the coronavirus’ spread between children, their parents, and those with underlying health issues. Coronavirus has taken a toll on students’ education. As schools across Southeast Wisconsin are preparing for the fall, we must ensure they have the necessary information to safely allow students back into the classroom. I will continue working with my colleagues to support students, families, and teachers during these difficult times,” said Steil.

The Protect our Children from COVID-19 Act requires HHS to report to Congress and to develop and disseminate best practices to states and local school districts on how to reopen and operate safely. The bill also requires HHS to examine the following:

  • COVID-19 transmission from child to child, child to adult, and adult to child
  • Vulnerability of children with underlying health conditions who are susceptible to severe illness related to COVID-19
  • Vulnerability of adults with underlying health conditions who send their children back to school
  • Vulnerability of adults with underlying health conditions who interact with asymptomatic children


Additionally, Steil has led efforts in Congress to ensure parents and students have access to their own education savings to cover the costs incurred while learning from home. Read more here.


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