[Minocqua, WI] – Today, Congressman Tom Tiffany (WI-7) released a new TV ad denouncing lawless Democrat policies to defund the police and recent surges in violent riots. The ad, titled “Back the Blue” also highlights Congressman Tiffany’s unwavering support and appreciation for our law enforcement officials.

“The recent mob-violence we’ve seen in Democrat-led cities across the country is a direct threat to the safety and security of our families,” said Congressman Tiffany. “We must put a swift and immediate stop to Democrats’ radical ‘defund the police’ agenda and reinstitute law and order in our communities.”

You can watch the ad here.

Transcript for “Back the Blue” (:30)

I’m Tom Tiffany and I approve this message because I want to be perfectly clear. 

The radicals, socialists, and anarchists…and Democrats like my opponent who want to defund the police…they are willing to put your family at risk to tear this country apart. To advance their far left agenda.

Our police deserve our thanks, our respect, and better funding to handle an ever increasing workload. 

It is madness. They must be stopped.

That’s it. That’s the ad. 

To learn more about how Congressman Tom Tiffany is fighting to preserve our Wisconsin way of life, please visit www.TomTiffany.com.

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