WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany (WI-07) issued the following statement after a series of votes on a 5,500 page spending package considered mere hours after the release of bill text to lawmakers.

“The annual budget process in Congress has become the definition of insanity, as we are confronted with the same last-minute, take-it-or-leave it spending bills written behind closed doors with little to no involvement from rank-and-file lawmakers,” said Tiffany. “Adding almost a trillion dollars in Coronavirus Assistance to this whopping package is just insult to injury, the relief money could have passed on its own months ago. A measure I would have supported as a stand-alone bill.”

“What is happening in Washington has become an annual, instant-replay train wreck in the eyes of most Americans – whose elected representatives have little input on the debt being charged up on the nation’s credit card,” concluded Tiffany. “Americans deserve a real say in how their money is spent.”

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