MADISON — Judge Jill Karofsky announced today she has earned the endorsement of U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin in her race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
“I’ve known Jill and her family for a long time, and after her years of service as a prosecutor, victims’ rights advocate and judge, I know Jill has what it takes to be an excellent Supreme Court Justice,” said Senator Tammy Baldwin. “With the seemingly daily attacks on our courts and judicial system, Wisconsin needs a Supreme Court Justice who will stand up to corruption and to these attacks. I know that Jill Karofsky is that candidate and I hope you will join me on April 7 in voting for Jill.”
“Senator Baldwin understands the critical importance of having a Justice who will enforce the rule of law and stand up to the special interests that seek to stand in the way of justice,” said Judge Karofsky. “I am thrilled to have Senator Baldwin’s support in this race as we continue to build a coalition of supporters across the state who want a justice that rules based on the facts of the case, not corporate donors.”
The full list of endorsements is available at
Judge Karofsky currently serves as a criminal court judge in Dane County. She previously announced the support of Justice Rebecca Dallet, three former governors, Senators Kohl & Feingold, and hundreds of judges, sheriffs, DAs, and local elected officials across Wisconsin.
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