WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said the following after voting to conclude impeachment proceedings:

“To use the House managers’ own argument on witnesses:


“The American people deserve a fair impeachment.

“The Constitution deserves a fair impeachment.

“The president deserves a fair impeachment.


“Unfortunately, the House did not deliver a fair impeachment to the Senate. Instead, contrary to the warnings of Speaker Pelosi, Senate Democrat Leader Schumer and Chairman Nadler, the House provided a totally partisan impeachment – rushed, violating due process and lacking any impeachable offense.


“Now, House Democrats are demanding the Senate do their investigatory work for them. Caving to their demands would have set a dangerous precedent and dramatically altered the constitutional order, thereby weaponizing impeachment and encouraging more of them. That is why I voted no on the question of calling witnesses.”



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