WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing Wednesday pressed the CEOs of Twitter, Facebook and Google on bias in selective enforcement of their content policies and the potential for social media platforms to impact elections.

An exchange between the senator and Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, is below. Video of the senator’s full questioning can be found here.

Sen. Johnson: For both Mr. Zuckerberg and Dorsey, who censored the New York Post stories or throttled them back, do either one of you have any evidence that the New York Post story is part of Russian disinformation or that those emails aren’t authentic? Do you have any information whatsoever they are not authentic or that they are Russian disinformation? Mr. Dorsey.

Jack Dorsey: We don’t.

Sen. Johnson: So why would you censor it? Why did you prevent that from being disseminated on your platform that is supposed to be for the free expression of ideas, and particularly true ideas?

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