Organizers are asking attendees to wear white coats (if applicable), wear masks, practice social distancing and attend virtually if unable to or uncomfortable coming in person. They will be live streaming from their Facebook page (

WC4BL is a national student led organization which aims to eliminate racial bias in the practice of medicine with the recognition that racism is a threat to the health and well-being of people of color. Below are statements:

“Racism is a public health crisis that cannot be ignored! Racism as a social determinant of health is OUR business. Now more than ever, we must stand as an army of healthcare professionals ready to combat racism both within our own institutions and outside the clinic walls. Doing that will take more than just a moment of silence, a hashtag or a convenient photo opp. We must commit to lasting change and a long-term fight” stated by Jasmine Zapata, MD, MPH (UW Health Public Health Physician and WC4BL chapter advisor) at a recent WC4BL moment of silence at Meriter Hospital.

There will be a powerful lineup of community voices as well as minority medical students and doctors speaking about ways the healthcare community can take action to address racial injustices within our systems. The SNMA will also be presenting a list of proposed equitable solutions and action items regarding dismantling racism to their local health care systems while encouraging others to do the same in spirit of a national #ActionsSpeakLouder campaign.

“This is a great way to get the whole healthcare community involved in these efforts. It is an incredible opportunity to educate and learn with our fellow future physicians about racial
injustices in the healthcare system and how these issues pose problems for our future patients,” says Baillie Frizell, Rising M2 at UWSMPH. “We hope this will be a productive and engaging learning opportunity that will promote actionable steps towards change. We are hoping this event will help increase awareness, provide education, and mobilize us as a healthcare community to move beyond moments of silence and kneeling into action. On behalf of SNMA, we would like to thank the community for its unwavering support of Black students, faculty and staff during this emotionally taxing, yet necessary time in our nation’s history. Now more than ever we must uplift the voices of the oppressed and support efforts that promote equity. Please join us as we work together to dismantle racism within and outside the clinic walls,” says Sharon-Rose Nartey, Rising M2 UWSMPH and SNMA Chapter Co-President.

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