HAGER CITY, WI – Yesterday, Congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden joined the Vicki McKenna show to discuss the disastrous outcomes that would come from defunding and disbanding police forces as well as Ron Kind’s silence on the issue.

Ron Kind, the last member of the House of Representatives to announce he was voting for President Trump’s impeachment, remains silent on another crucial issue. He’s willing to make his opinion on DC statehood known this week, so why not defunding the police?

Derrick Van Orden said this during yesterday’s interview:


“I’ll be super clear about where I stand. I abhor criminality. If you’re wearing a uniform or an Antifa mask or whatever you’re wearing. I abhor criminality because that destroys the roots of what this country stands for. The majority of police officers do their job extremely well every single day. I stand with law abiding citizens and I stand with police officers who are doing their jobs well.

And yet, I haven’t heard anything out of Ron Kind, he’s been in office for 23 years and I’ve heard nothing from him.”


To learn more about Derrick Van Orden, visit VanOrdenForCongress.com.




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