HAGER CITY, WI – In another debate victory against Ron Kind, Derrick Van Orden made it clear that western Wisconsin needs a leader who will take action for them in Washington, not two more years of career politician Ron Kind.


Van Orden released the following statement after his 2nd debate win:


I make three promises to everyone in the 3rd district: I will go to work for you every single day, I will always put your interests ahead of my own, and I will never lie to you. That’s how I lived my life as a Navy SEAL, and that is how I will represent you in Congress.


Ron Kind would have you believe that now, after 23 years, he will finally get something done for Wisconsin. That is simply not true. 


Ron Kind votes with Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time, and has built his career trading Wisconsin taxpayer dollars for power and influence. Ron Kind lied to the sheriffs of the 3rd District, telling them he had their back when he had cosponsored a bill removing protections from them days prior. Ron Kind backs Joe Biden’s $4 trillion tax hike, the Green New Deal, and voted in favor of giving $1200 stimulus checks to illegal immigrants.


Politics as usual are over. We can do better in Western Wisconsin and I promise you that as your representative, I will do better.



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