HAGER CITY, WI – Yesterday, Derrick Van Orden made clear that he is not a politician and will go to Washington to get things done, unlike 24 year incumbent Ron Kind.


Derrick laid out clearly his goals when he arrives in Washington, showing the contrast between his straightforward approach and Ron Kind’s political jargon.


Check out some of the coverage from the debate:



“It’s incredibly important during a time of crisis to make sure that everyone has the most pertinent information available,” Van Orden said. “And that’s what we’re doing for our folks, we’re gathering information from the constituents here in the 3rd District who, quite frankly, I have run into more people who have never seen Ron Kind over 24 years that he’s been in office.”


When Kind laughed in response, Van Orden was quick to address the Democrat, saying, “I don’t know why that’s funny, Ron.”


La Crosse Tribune:

Over the summer, Kind reportedly had a call with local sheriffs over the summer, promising them he wouldn’t support police reform that removed qualified immunity or no-knock warrants, although he voted for the George Floyd police reform bill which included both.

“You do not back the blue and you’ve proven that through your actions,” Van Orden told Kind during the debate, saying that 13 out of the 18 sheriffs in District 3 have endorsed the Republican.


…Van Orden said he supports repealing the ACA, and that Kind supports the plan because he is at the mercy of health care special interest groups, but emphasized again that he would only support a replacement that ensured coverage for preexisting conditions.


…Van Orden was critical of Kind’s record on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade, saying he sat on the deal and cost Wisconsin more farms, and said that future regulation needs to protect family farms, and that immediate action for farms could be more regulation on product advertising and labeling.


Telegraph Herald:

On health care, Van Orden said he supported attempts to repeal the federal Affordable Care Act, while vowing to safeguard protections for the chronically ill.

“I will sign onto any program unless there are provisions to cover people with pre-existing conditions,” he said.


…Van Orden agreed that “Russia is a real threat, Iran is a real threat, and China is a real threat.”
“But I have confidence in the American system of voting,” he said. “I have confidence that local clerks are going to do their jobs.”

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