Media contact: Justin Giorgio
[email protected]

HAGER CITY, WI – Following a series of accusations made against Derrick Van Orden, a female veteran who served with Derrick for more than 10 years responds, calling them “baseless and without merit.”

Sara Howard is a retired Navy Chief with 24 years of honorable service who spent over 10 years assigned to Naval Special Warfare. See below for her statement regarding Derrick’s character:

“My name is Sara Howard and I want everyone to know that Derrick Van Orden is an incredible father, a grandpa, a husband, a son and a decorated combat veteran. He is intelligent, professional, courageous, and committed to this nation. I’ve had the pleasure to serve with Derrick Van Orden for over 10 years in Coronado and I’ve known his family for over 20 years.

Corpsmen are a critical fixture within the military and in the SEAL teams. Derrick has put himself in harm’s way to save lives over and over again. He is putting himself out there again, this time to save Wisconsin and this great country. 

The recent slanderous attacks on his character are baseless and without merit. It is shameful, cowardice, and disrespectful to try to diminish the record of a decorated combat veteran who has sacrificed so much for his family and this wonderful nation. 

I just want to finish by saying that Derrick Van Orden, who I call Van O, is one of my best friends and I love him and his family.”

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