HAGER CITY, WI – Last night, President Trump hosted a telerally with Derrick Van Orden in his 3rd District Congressional race against Ron Kind.


Derrick opened the call with remarks thanking President Trump for what he’s done in western Wisconsin:


Mr. President, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to do this. You are the leader of the free world and this is incredibly important that you are taking the time to do this and we appreciate it greatly. I have to tell you, I live in a small town called Trenton and every time I meet my neighbors they want to make sure that I tell you this: we are praying fervently for you, for your strength, your wisdom and your courage. And that’s for you and the first family. Thank you very much sir, and I’m going to repeat something that Sean Duffy told you in 2016: Wisconsin has your back.”



President Trump said of Derrick:


“You’re outstanding, and we have to get you in. We need you in Washington very badly….


This is the most important election in the history of our country. I need every patriot in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District to get out and vote for Derrick Van Orden for Congress. He’s an incredible guy. So many people have told me so much about Derrick that I didn’t even know. He’s a proud combat veteran who spent two decades fighting for our country as a Navy SEAL. A very brave, brave guy. Through eight deployments, Derrick led hundreds of men and women, both in combat and peacetime, and saved countless lives through his decisive actions. He’s known as a real hero. He’s a patriot who loves America and loves your state. Like me, Derrick knows that the foundation of American freedom is law and order….


Derrick is endorsed by a majority of sheriffs in the 3rd District because they know he supports the heroes of law enforcement 100%. With Derrick, you know we’ll have a Congressman that we will never be defunding our police. In fact, Derrick wants to hire more police.”

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