HAGER CITY, WI – Today, the Van Orden campaign is launching a new ad titled “Decades.”


The ad showcases the impact that unfair trade deals have had on Wisconsin family farms over the course of decades. Derrick highlights passage of the USMCA that Ron Kind and Democrats in the House of Representatives held up for 8 months resulting in the closure of more than 800 farms.


Click here to see the ad:

Alternate text

Derrick Van Orden: “Decades of unfair trade deals shuttered thousands of family farms in Wisconsin.


President Trump worked out a fix for farmers, a great trade deal: the USMCA. 


Ron Kind and Nancy Pelosi: they played politics.


They held up the trade fix for 8 months while Wisconsin farms closed.


I’m Derrick Van Orden. In the SEALs, I learned that leaders take action and put their people first, and that’s why I approve this message

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