HAGER CITY, WI – Today, Derrick Van Orden launched a new ad airing throughout the 3rd District.


Derrick has been a tradesman his entire life. He knows what it means to work with your hands and has supported himself since he was 16.


After 23 years in Washington, it’s clear that Ron Kind’s trade is politics.


Click here to see the ad.

Alternate text

Derrick Van Orden“As a senior enlisted Navy SEAL, I’m a tradesman. I’ve worked with my hands my whole life. I’ve supported myself since I was 16. Ron Kind’s trade is politics. For 23 years, he trades your tax dollars to Nancy Pelosi and the liberal elites for power and influence and even backed giving illegal immigrants $1200. That’s ridiculous. It’s time to trade in Ron Kind. It’s time to send a SEAL to Washington.”

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