HAGER CITY, WI – This week, Derrick Van Orden announced more than $1 million raised in the 3rd quarter, clearly showing that his campaign is the strongest that Ron Kind has faced in his 23 year tenure in Congress. The momentum has caught the attention of national Democrats as well, with Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC rushing to protect her ally Ron Kind.


Derrick continued holding Kind and Pelosi accountable this week, launching his latest ad calling attention to their stonewalling of the USMCA and highlighting Kind referring to Pelosi as the “gatekeeper.” The delay perpetuated the losses of family farms in the 3rd District and across Wisconsin.


Click here to see the ad.


Derrick has made his commitment to the agriculture community clear, holding tours of farming facilities this week and displaying the commitment he will provide to farmers when he is in Washington.


Check out full coverage from WAOW here, and take a look at some excerpts below:


[Derrick] said if elected, his career won’t be “politics as usual.”


“Well I’m running to represent the people of the third district of the state of Wisconsin, and I think we are sorely missing representation,” Van Orden said.


A retired Navy SEAL, he now lives on a hobby farm in Hager City. He said this is what put agriculture on the list of issues he wants to address if elected.


Van Orden said he wants to help area farmers expand their reach to other parts of the world…


“We in Wisconsin are hard working folks who are capable of competing across the global stage if we have a level playing field,” he said.


Derrick also joined Matt Boyle on Breitbart News Saturday last week highlighting the national significance of the 3rd District race in 2020.


“If we win the third district of the state of Wisconsin, Donald Trump wins Wisconsin, and Trump wins reelection. If we win the third district, Ron Kind is kicked out of his seat, which is going to happen,” Van Orden said.


Click here to listen to the full interview.

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