HAGER CITY, WI – On Monday, Derrick Van Orden toured the Heartland Farms facility in Bancroft to demonstrate his commitment to fighting for Wisconsin’s agriculture industry that saw more than 800 farm closures during the 8 months Ron Kind and Democrats held up the USMCA.


WAOW covered his tour and spoke with Derrick about his commitment to the 3rd District.


Check out the full story here, and take a look at some excerpts below:


[Derrick] said if elected, his career won’t be “politics as usual.”


“Well I’m running to represent the people of the third district of the state of Wisconsin, and I think we are sorely missing representation,” Van Orden said.


A retired Navy SEAL, he now lives on a hobby farm in Hager City. He said this is what put agriculture on the list of issues he wants to address if elected.


Van Orden said he wants to help area farmers expand their reach to other parts of the world.


“If we can move our potatoes farther into the country of Mexico and open up that market for us which is what US MCA is designed to do, it’s going to help our Wisconsin farmers. That’s what I plan on doing,” he said.


With agriculture as one of the largest industries in the third district, Van Orden said he wants to create policies that will reflect the values of people who live there.


“We in Wisconsin are hard working folks who are capable of competing across the global stage if we have a level playing field,” he said.

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